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We help plant-powered food, beverage, and wellness brands unlock long-term growth.   

New plant-based products are born every day, but only a few succeed at building a loyal consumer base and delivering value over time. Our proven strategies, tools, and resources help you stand out from the sea of same & grow with consumers and customers alike.

We work with brands that are:




Committed to equity & sustainability

 Winning in the consumer packaged goods industry is no easy feat.  


Does your brand have what it takes to succeed?

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"Working with Daniella at Plantas was a dream come true. She over delivered time and time again, stuck true to her word, and truly cared about the work she was doing for our company. I'd highly recommend Plantas to anyone looking to take their business to the next level! 10 out 10."

Founder, Daydream Koffucha

Our Services

Whether a team of 1 or 50+, we partner with you and share tools to simplify the journey to success.


Strategic Advisory

Consumer Research


Workshop Design & Facilitation






We've distilled all the CPG industry best practices, MBA concepts, and cutting-edge research so you can start seeing better results now & set your brand up for long-term success.

Consumer Insights 101

Your consumer is the #1 driver behind your business, regardless of the size or stage of your CPG brand. In this intro 101 course, you will learn how to grow your brand with consumer insights in an easy & approachable way. 


Marketing Strategy 101

Great brands are created with great marketing plans. This intro course guides you through building a marketing strategy and budget that will help you stand out, grow awareness, and get the most bang for your buck.


Mission-driven Marketing

Build engagement & loyalty through purpose 

Struggling to effectively share your powerful mission, sustainability program, or initiative? This course arms you with best practices and tips for highlighting your mission to the people who will care about it most.


"Working with PLANTAS was an effective and high-ROI engagement to generate one of our first sets of consumer insights as an early-stage startup. Engaging in consumer research with PLANTAS yielded invaluable data and further research questions that led us to begin a series of high-value data generation activities. I would absolutely work with PLANTAS again!"

Strategy Manager at B2B Startup






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