Your Product is Not For Everyone

Mar 02, 2023

We often hear from first-time CPG start-up founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers that their product is designed to be appealing to everyone. That their marketing campaign will focus on people aged 18-70 living in urban and rural areas, so basically every adult in the US. That everyone who has tasted their product has loved it, from the grandma next door to the 8-year child.

But the reality is that this type of thinking is a huge hindrance to your marketing efforts and will only decrease the ROI of any initiative you run. Your product is NOT for everyone, and casting a large net is counterproductive to differentiating yourself in the sea of same. Because in the quest to become a product for everyone, you often become nothing for no one.

The most successful CPG brands have a specific & strategic target consumer, and filter all their efforts through that lens: be its marketing channels, retail placement, events, or media coverage. When it comes to specificity, the more a brand can create a unique profile of the consumer that goes beyond just age and gender, the better results will be.

Marketing that is targeted and informed by consumer insights is the name of the game.

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